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Mullixhiu (pronounced: Mooleedjoo) means “miller” in the Albanian language. Milling is among the oldest of human occupations and bread one of the oldest man-made food.

In Albanian culture, bread has a significance beyond mere nutrition, being one of the fundamental elements of our hospitality

Albanian Ancient Social Code

The house of an Albanian belongs to God and to the guest.
Every hour of the day and night, a man must be ready to receive a guest with bread, salt, and an open heart.


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Dining with sessional creativity.

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Our menu is created using the finest seasonal produce sourced locally.  Taking inspiration from our tradition, all the dishes on our menu are designed for sharing.

Join us for a truly memorable dining experience in one of Tirana’s most spectacular settings. An experience that celebrates the diversity of our wonderful Albanian produce cooked with imagination and passion.


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elements that define us.


“Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of fire”

This famous quote from Gustav Mahler has been our mantra on our continuous work to rediscover our culinary tradition and reinventing Albanian cuisine.

We believe the only way to preserve our heritage is through continuous development. In our research work, we try to understand the patterns that define our heritage and expand on them by developing new flavors of Albanian Cuisine.


About Mullixhiu

Mullixhiu CookBook
New Albanian Cuisine



 Mediterranean, Modern, Mullixhiu


“From cooking at Noma to revolutionizing the Albanian cuisine”.

The traditional cuisine of Albania, shaped by the country’s Ottoman past as well as by Italy and Greece, yet still distinct and authentic, reinterpreted here in 70 recipes by
Bledar Kola and the team at his restaurant Mullixhiu.


Die neue albanische Küche
With texts by Ursula Heinzelmann and photos by Manuel Krug

Mullixhiu Cookbook


Mullixhiu Cookbook

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